“Tell Me How You Really Feel”

*FYI – All my blog posts will feature the drinks and/or snacks I had while working on the piece in question, as well as any TV shows/movies I watched or songs/podcasts listened to. For some reason I really like having TV shows on while I draw!

dragon copy
“Tell Me How You Really Feel” By Samantha Gray Fioriglio

The Piece: “Tell Me How You Really Feel”
The Drink(s): Soy Mocha Latte
The Snack(s): Lemon Square!
Watching/Listening To: The End of The F***ing World

Photo Feb 27, 8 51 41 AM
Sketch Club!

Every Tuesday, a small group of people meets at the local cafe for a little program called Sketch Club. It’s a time to hang out, doodle, and have great coffee and pastries. This week, what was originally meant to just be a small doodle turned into a bit of a monstrosity (haha?)

“Tell Me How You Really Feel” was made with pencil, ink, and colored pencils, and prettied up a bit in Photoshop when I got home from Sketch Club.

Photo Feb 27, 1 08 21 PM
This guy knows what he’s about

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